Principles and benefits

Our business practice is based on the principle of respect for every human being, as well as on our belief that every person has the right to be loved and live in happiness. As a matter of fact, we believe there is a right “other half” for everyone and our mission is to help you find him/her. It doesn’t matter if you are single (never married) or divorced; whether you are 30, 40 or 60 years old; we believe your perfect match does exist, despite the fact that you may have not met him/her yet! Perhaps you've been busy with your work, preoccupied with your career, a little bit unlucky, or/and on a bad mood for a while. The reason for you past disappointments is not important to us, what matters are your dreams and aspirations; therefore we invite you to look at your future together with new hope, courage, and enthusiasm. Specifically, the values and benefits of our services are:

Absolute confidentiality - discretion. All our communications, discussions, and services are based on the principle of full confidentiality.

Respect to your preferences. We take your preferences and personal tastes very seriously and use them as a guide to the date proposals we make to you. Thus, you avoid dating people who don’t match with you and your needs; we don’t waste your time and energy!

No “push techniques” towards particular persons. It is not our practice to convince you (directly or indirectly) to meet people you don’t want to. We make the date proposals, but –always- the choice is yours!

Unlimited number of dates. Once registered within our catalogues you can date as many people –members of ours- as needed until you find your perfect match. 

Variety of choices. You can find an impressive variety of ages, occupations, educational levels, and personalities within our members’ lists. Everybody has the right to happiness, although on the other hand everybody is different in terms of people he/she matches with. By joining us, you will have the opportunity to choose amongst our large number of different member profiles!

Friendly and prompt service. Our long professional experience, the vast number - wide range of members, our obsession with quality and service, and our well established business name, guarantee your absolute satisfaction. Moreover friendliness, understanding, and support are the qualities we rely on; you will have the opportunity to enjoy them from the first time you contact us.

Worldwide coverage –services (Europe – America –Asia –Australia). Our members reside –virtually- all over the world. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which country you live in, whether you are located at a big capital city or a small village. Do not hesitate to reach us by e-mail, Skype, letter, or phone, so that we can inform you on members available at the country / area of your choice.