Our methodology

In order to achieve our mission, to help you get in touch with the right partner, we follow a series of “steps” which have evolved through our many years of experience and have been proven to be both important and necessary, to ensure a successful acquaintance for you:

1. We listen to you. The first important step is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed; forget your everyday worries, so that you can talk to us in an open manner for yourself and your expectations from your partner. Since, every person differs significantly from everybody else, your thoughts, preferences, and choices are important, so that we can understand your individual needs.

2. We give you our advice. After having listened to you carefully and without any criticism, we can offer to you some useful and practical advice stemming from our experience with relationships and the hundreds of people we contact every day.

3. We analyze to you our methodology. At this step we explain to you in detail the benefits of our services (absolute confidentiality, variety of choices, friendly support etc.) and then we mutually decide on your registration in our catalogue of members.

4. We start our search at once! As soon as you have become a registered member of ours, you enjoy the benefits of our services, i.e. we can start immediately our proposals for potential partners. Thus, you may go for a drink with your date, dinner at a restaurant of your choice etc.

5. We stay in contact with you. After your first date you are strongly encouraged to contact our offices (your relationships consultant) to share your impressions regarding the person we’ve just met. In case, both members (man –woman) are satisfied they can proceed with their relationship. Otherwise, we will introduce to you the next potential date -partner, until you are 100% satisfied.

6. Three year guarantee on our services. Your registration as a member of Ermis Club is valid for three (3) years and for unlimited number of persons –dates. In other words, once you join our club, you can meet as many people (potential partners) as needed to succeed in you goal -find your other half!