Dear Friend,

Since 1995 our mission is to make you happy! We specialize in successful dating –matchmaking aiming to a serious relationship or/and marriage. For all of you who -for whatever reason- are currently alone in your life we can help you make the right acquaintance, find your “other half”, the right person who matches your individual needs and wants so that you can enjoy a beautiful and serious relationship.

Perhaps one could possibly think that he/she could make new acquaintances alone –without our intervention. Look, our job is not to tell you which partner to choose. This is, of course, a very personal matter; therefore we can only leave it to your judgment. Although, what we can do for you, is to augment your choice options of potential partners (from our vast and fully computerized catalogue of members registered with our services); also we offer to you all the useful and relevant information (age, occupation, appearance, personal interests etc.) regarding the person you are going to meet, so that you can make informed decisions/choices thus avoiding useless dating with people you don’t match with. 

In addition, our intervention is important, as from the very beginning of your joining our members list, you will have a precious and confidential friend, somebody who you can trust and talk freely for your individual “wants”, to share your views with, and an expert on whose advice you can rely -if you need it. 

Moreover, our many years of experience in human relationships and matchmaking for marriage / serious dating, has taught us a lot of useful things, which we can share with you in a private discussion we can have either by e-mail, Skype, phone or in a relaxed atmosphere at our offices. 

Best Wishes
and happy dating! 

Kostas Argyriou,
Director General