First date tips

In the following, we attempt to offer you some practical advice regarding your first date.

Place of your date. You should better avoid meeting at very crowded places (it may be difficult to recognize each other among the crowd). Also, it would be better to avoid desert -dangerous places. Our advice is to prefer a place that you both know well (a central square or park or a coffee place) so that you both feel at ease and have no difficulty to find each other.

What to wear. It goes without saying that you should dress appropriately for your first date in order to look attractive. On the other hand, we recommend you to avoid any exaggerations (being overdressed/ formal dress, extremely seductive –sexy looking, etc.). Preferably you should be yourself –do not change your regular dressing style, although try to present your self at its best!

Scheduling your date. It would be better to fix your date on a day and time so that you don’t have any time pressures and you are not going to be struggling between professional appointments or other duties. Stress and fatigue always produce tension, and they are not compatible with the relaxed atmosphere essential for your first date. Therefore, plan your first date appropriately so that you are not exhausted when you arrive and your mood is both positive and upbeat.

Conversation tips. Avoid any “controversial” conversation themes that can possibly bring tension and disagreement (your political views, football team preferences, your views on abortion etc). Most of all, avoid discussions on your worries, past relationships, divorces, and ex-partners! It is better to choose a simple nice restaurant for your first date and select icebreaking conversation topics such as holidays, travel, favorite music, a movie you have recently seen etc. Certain things should be better left unsaid at least for now (your abusive childhood experiences, how many kids you intend to have etc.) –you will have plenty of time to share your views on these matters with your partner as you proceed with your relationship, there is no need to rush!  
Finally, do not neglect the importance of humor and also remember that it is better to listen to the other person, keep eye contact, and show interest rather than talking continuously, interrupting and being egoistical! Good manners are absolutely essential - you should avoid being rude or harm the other person’s feelings, even if you don’t like him/her that much. Politeness is the absolute rule of communication and it reflects one’s culture.